Thomas de PARIENTE, Deputy Mayor of the City of Cannes, Delegate for Culture and Youth

Realizing that year 2018 coincided with their fifth edition, I was thinking about the feats after which Allegro Amabile Musical Moments (AAMM) are named. Among some of them, I notice the one to be already regarded amidst the emblematic events of the city of Cannes’s cultural season through a reinterpretation of the three unities observance.


The AAMM are so well integral with Théâtre Alexandre III they look as though they have been conceived for the place. And, they reflect, with constancy and brilliance, a time-period when musical talent ever finds its expression. Indeed, the programming operated by Elsa Cassac meets the features of a performance, which is renewed every Fall. The parade of the virtuosi continues to impress.


We keep in mind the recitals by Cédric Tiberghien and Edgar Moreau, the telepathic harmony between Gautier Capuçon and Sarah Nemtanu or the grace of the Trio Wanderer, the legendary band A Filetta. The three concerts performed in Fall 2018 herald some intense vibrations and we do appreciate the privilege of welcoming Lilya Zilberstein and the young clarinettist Raphaël Sévère. The AAMM (Allegro Amabile Musical Moments) still have the ability to combine excellence and conviviality.


The prelude offered to some students at the CRDC (Conservatoire à rayonnement départemental de Cannes) helpfully contributes to this purpose. But there is more than this sole objective achieved. Actually, the spectators actually experience a musical jubilant feel shaped for them and acknowledging them as they truly are.


Be all thanked for this.

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